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Enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the region on this castle ruins of 1169.

The castle ruins Regenstein are located in Saxony-Anhalt, north of the city Blankenburg. On a 290 m high sandstone rock, which drops steeply on three sides, are the remains of a mountain castle. Mainly carved rock caves are remaining. From the masonry only the remains of a tower are present.

The earliest recorded mention of a Count of Regenstein dates back to 1162 as “Comes de Regenstein”. The area is about 190 meters long and about 80 meters wide.The castle had 4 gates. Cavities were struck in the sandstone cliffs, which are still visited today. Count Albrecht II of Regenstein had in the 13./14. Century disputes with the surrounding cities Halberstadt and Quedlinburg and became known for it. In 1336 he was captured by the citizens of Quedlinburg and placed in a wooden box until the ransom was paid. The "Raubgrafenkasten" is shown in the museum of Schloss Quedlinburg.

The Regenstein of the Middle Ages lies in the triangle of Wernigerode, Halberstadt and Quedlinburg. Actually, the county was relatively unimportant, but through it ran an important military road, which was also used as a trade route. In those days, disputes and power struggles are the order of the day. The little princes just had to be careful with whom they allied. In the 15th century, the castle was abandoned and the Counts of Regenstein moved to the Blankenburg Castle. The castle fell into ruin.

The ruin changed hands several times. 1671, the entire county of Regenstein was confiscated by Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg.

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